In the spring of 2022, my roommate Caleb and I traveled to Italy to experience some of Caleb's heritage and expand our world view before starting flight school in May.
April 20th-21st
We started our trip by flying out of San Antonio after a Hippo Campus concert, connecting in Amsterdam.

The Alps looked incredible from above from someone who has never flown over them before.

We landed in Milan around noon and grabbed a quick bite before taking the train to the coast.

We flew into Milan on April 21st and started the trip with a bus into the city and a bite to eat at a local restaurant. We took the train to the coast soon after arriving and got to Vernazza in time to get to our Airbnb and walk back down to the town to get dinner.

Pretty much the Grand Central Station of Italy.

We got our first look at Vernazza in the evening as our train came in.

It was a long hike up to our Airbnb from town.

Approximately a thousand feet of elevation gain as you can tell from my sweat.

Can't beat those Airbnb views. Except with a little better weather.

A diagram of the cities in Cinque Terre. Our Airbnb was at Prevo.

The dinner spot. First pizza in Italy.

Vernazza by night.

Last shot of the night as we headed back to our Airbnb for bed.

April 22nd
For our second day in Cinque Terre, we walked through all five towns, racking up 20 miles and eating plenty of delicious food along the way and making some friends.

Our walk into Cornelia, where we took the train up to Monterosso.

A little overcast and wet as we walked down to the station.

We ate our breakfast while admiring this ripped structure on the beach.

The color of the water was super entrancing.

An old cemetery on top of a hill in Monterosso.

Umbrellas yet to be opened in the early morning in Monterosso.

The Disney movie "Luca" is based off the towns of Cinque Terre, I'm sure you can see why.

Early lunch. Yummy!

Walking through Vernazza.

Next destination! Just a few miles away.

So many beautiful alleyways on the ways through the towns.

Golden hour vibe check.

Sunset in the final town, Riomaggiore.

Looking back at the golden light on the colorful town.

Leaving the water, one last look at sunset on the rocks.

December 22nd:
On the 22nd, we walked around Malaga, checking out the beautiful sunset views from the top of the hill.

Dad was obviously enjoying the morning sunshine.

The locals were enjoying the local sunshine even more...

The walk up the path to the top of the city, with a garden included.

Immaculate sunset views.

The backdrop of the hazy mountains puts this view over the top.

Another look at the beautiful chapel.

December 23rd:
This day was full of driving, as we made our way up the country through Madrid. We passed our fair share of beautiful countryside and then had a drink in Madrid before heading to bed.

Always keep your camera strapped, even in the car.

Momma Brophy looking beautiful as ever.

Madeline's Napkin art in Madrid.

December 24th:
A day spent walking around Madrid and exploring.

Nice low windows in our top floor Airbnb room.

The bustling streets of Madrid did not disappoint.

Shadowy views as sunset hit.

Exploring the royal palace midday.

December 25th:
Merry Christmas from Madrid. Lets take a trip to Segovia!

Mom was still able to make our pajamas, what a legend.

The views of old Segovia contrasted with new construction.

We found out that Meghan's new dyed hair and red lipstick matched the painting on this wall.

Not so bustling streets on Christmas but oh so beautiful.

December 26th:

Exploring Portugal the day after Christmas and the city of Fatima, where a miracle took place.

The Chapel was beautiful up close and expanded for thousands of feet to the back as many Christians make pilgrimage to this spot yearly.

December 27th:
Our Airbnb host was a miracle herself. The nicest lady we met on our entire trip and she lived in a mansion. We will not soon forget the orange soda she gave us. We then drove to SevilleĀ for our final night in Spain.

Overlooking the valley from the beautiful steps of the Airbnb.

So kind! She said I was handsome!

Katherine posing under the Christmas lights of Seville.

There are even horse-drawn carriages!

We stayed the night just outside Rota in the first house we stayed, so we could get an early flight out in the morning.

This trip ended with a Space Available flight out of Rota just in time for us to get back to the states and celebrate the rest of the holiday season in Arlington, VA. I highly recommend Spain for any person looking to travel in Europe.

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