In March 2020, before the Coronavirus outbreak, me and 3 friends flew into Seattle looking to explore the Pacific Northwest. This is that trip in a photo story format.
March 7th:
We began with a flight into Seattle and a quick trip to Olympia to drop off anything we didn't need for the trip.

We began the trip with a drive out of Olympia and towards Toketee Falls.

March 8th:

We stopped a lot along the road to check out some cool stops.

Including a very poorly timed jumping picture on this neat bridge.

Toketee Falls long exposure, without a tripod, balanced on a fence.

The rivers in this state are incredible and the low-lying fog always makes for dramatic pictures.

March 9th:
After camping at Prairie Creek Redwoods, we drove along the Gold Coast and headed to Cannon Beach for the night.

Nature hikes for the win.

The dramatic redwoods and the lighting through the trees was otherworldly at times.

Hard to forget a sunset when you're camping on a West Coast beach.

For the picture after this, we all had grapes in our mouth obviously.

The result of a long exposure of the tent while moving the lens upwards.

March 10th:
This day included a stop at Cannon Beach, another drive along the coast and camping at Ruby Beach to end the night.

The views along our drive made us stop frequently.

Scale becomes a funky thing along the Oregon coast.

A stop and tour of Tillamook Creamery was obviously required.

Now that's a big rock.

I'm honestly not sure what was going on here but good times regardless.

The rocks trailing Haystack Rock were draped in its shadow and made for some incredible pictures.

March 11th:
The 11th included a drive through the Hoh Rain Forest and a stay at Rachel's cabin near Olympic National Park.

Just because you're not stopping doesn't mean there aren't photo-ops. 

The dense vegetation in the region was hard to miss.

The views by the lake where the cabin was located. Immaculate. The night we stayed here, the entire world collapsed as the NBA was cancelled, Tom Hanks contracted COVID, and school was delayed for 2 weeks (later indefinitely). We did not realize until we drove out to town where there was service the next day.

And that was our trip through the Pacific Northwest. Our plans were ambitious but we were all happy with the experiences and the memories we made within the 5 days on the road and considered it a break well spent before we spent the next few months locked down at home.

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