In the winter of 2017, I took a trip with my family to Spain and Portugal. This is a photo story of the trip.
December 19th-20th:
We began the trip with a drive down to Norfolk, VA to catch a Space Available flight to Rota, Spain.

The carriers in Norfolk at sunrise.

Norfolk from above at night.

We flew into Rota, Spain on December 20th and started the trip after flying into Rota. We dropped our things off at the house we stayed at and then took a ferry to Cadiz to walk around at sunset. 

The C-5s as seen through the window.

Mom lounging out by the pool enjoying the Winter warmth

Some old boats across from us on the ferry ride.

Translation anyone?

The street life was busy and the colors were incredible when we visited.

A fisherman at sunset on the iconic blocky coastline.

There were stray cats all along the coastline, and this one happened to be photogenic.

Typically the camera man is left out of portraits.

Sunset pictures as we got drinks at a small restaurant.

December 21st
On our second day in Spain, we traveled down to Gibraltar to get a look at the monkeys and the giant rock that sits at the bottom of Spain.

Our first view from the parking lot.

Some of the views as we hiked up the mountain.

Gibraltar is a hub of international trade, with large shipping boats often moving frequently in and out of the channel.

As seen from an abandoned watch tower.

The view from the top of the hike and the full rock of Gibraltar in view.

Another view at the bustling shipping situation.

Gibraltar is also the only country in all of Europe to have monkeys.

December 22nd:
On the 22nd, we walked around Malaga, checking out the beautiful sunset views from the top of the hill.

Dad was obviously enjoying the morning sunshine.

The locals were enjoying the local sunshine even more...

The walk up the path to the top of the city, with a garden included.

Immaculate sunset views.

The backdrop of the hazy mountains puts this view over the top.

Another look at the beautiful chapel.

December 23rd:
This day was full of driving, as we made our way up the country through Madrid. We passed our fair share of beautiful countryside and then had a drink in Madrid before heading to bed.

Always keep your camera strapped, even in the car.

Momma Brophy looking beautiful as ever.

Madeline's Napkin art in Madrid.

December 24th:
A day spent walking around Madrid and exploring.

Nice low windows in our top floor Airbnb room.

The bustling streets of Madrid did not disappoint.

Shadowy views as sunset hit.

Exploring the royal palace midday.

December 25th:
Merry Christmas from Madrid. Lets take a trip to Segovia!

Mom was still able to make our pajamas, what a legend.

The views of old Segovia contrasted with new construction.

We found out that Meghan's new dyed hair and red lipstick matched the painting on this wall.

Not so bustling streets on Christmas but oh so beautiful.

December 26th:

Exploring Portugal the day after Christmas and the city of Fatima, where a miracle took place.

The Chapel was beautiful up close and expanded for thousands of feet to the back as many Christians make pilgrimage to this spot yearly.

December 27th:
Our Airbnb host was a miracle herself. The nicest lady we met on our entire trip and she lived in a mansion. We will not soon forget the orange soda she gave us. We then drove to Seville for our final night in Spain.

Overlooking the valley from the beautiful steps of the Airbnb.

So kind! She said I was handsome!

Katherine posing under the Christmas lights of Seville.

There are even horse-drawn carriages!

We stayed the night just outside Rota in the first house we stayed, so we could get an early flight out in the morning.

This trip ended with a Space Available flight out of Rota just in time for us to get back to the states and celebrate the rest of the holiday season in Arlington, VA. I highly recommend Spain for any person looking to travel in Europe.

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